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Who are we?

We are Ajda and Sara Isa, long-time friends.

We met in our early teens, but our paths temporarily parted during college years: Ajda studied fashion and textile design, while Sara was gaining extensive experience in commercial and film production. What reunited us again, was the experience of motherhood; while pushing strollers along the pathways of Ljubljana’s Tivoli Park, we continuously discussed about the beauty and challenges of our new role in life.

In this green oasis of peace in the heart of Ljubljana, memories of the long and carefree days of our own childhoods emerged, and soon we came up with the idea to create a children’s clothing line. We named it after the place, where our knowledge and nostalgic memories merged into a clear vision for the future ‒ TIVOLI.

An inexhaustible source of our inspiration are three amazing girls ‒ our daughters.

What kind of brand are we?

Tivoli is a brand of sustainable children’s clothing, inspired by a local story and based on the principles of fair production, eco-friendly attitude and exquisite workmanship.

Tivoli gives special importance to the comfort, aesthetics, quality and durability of its garments. Its durable and meticulously-designed clothes allow the child to relax and move freely. Tivoli Clothing’s gentle and clean appearance with its subtle but at the same time discretely unique styling always permits the child’s natural beauty to shine through.

The design of our clothes goes beyond rapidly changing trends – it strives for timeless aesthetics, which is not merely a choice of style, but it also contributes significantly to extending the lifespan of the garments. Our clothes are embroidered with a gentle memory of the era of analogue aesthetics and spiced up with the ambition to remain precious family heritage items for the future generations.

The concept of fair trade and environment friendly production.

When designing our clothes, we focus on conveying children the importance of protecting our environment; the latter also involves respect for the people and their work as well as for the materials and final products ‒ in this case clothing.

Our production processes are based on the attitude of respect and fairness towards the work of all the people involved, as well as on a sustainable attitude towards the environment. The cotton we use is produced according to GOTS and IVN best standards. All our clothes are designed and manufactured in Slovenia with a great deal of love and dedication. When conceiving our clothing accessories, we place special emphasis on tradition; buttons are made of Slovenian wood, and the lace is handcrafted in Bohinj.

Ecological guidelines are introduced into all aspects of Tivoli Clothing production processes. The leftover garment production materials and cotton are always re-used for accessories such as ribbons and the like, which also helps us carry into effect the so called zero-waste concept. All our clothing packaging is made of recycled materials.

Due to the above-mentioned requirements, Tivoli Clothing may well be in a different price range than mass produced clothing but in addition to fair production, Tivoli Clothing with its timeless design and durability of materials also guarantees for a long lifespan of its garments so they can be ‒ as family valuables ‒ passed from generation to generation.


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